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" I'm still amazed at what has transpired              for our entire organization...

                  externally and internally."


                                                                                                       —  Michele Steeb

                                                                                   CEO / SAINT JOHN'S PROGRAM FOR REAL CHANGE

CULTBRAND - Smashing Customer Barriers and Creating Fanatical Followers


BRANDREVOLUTION - Strategic Positioning and Differentiation for the Modern Company


PLACEBRAND - Powerful Differentiation for Growing Cities and Travel Destinations


MOM&POP - Small Companies Making Unstoppable Tidal Waves


YOUBRAND - Personal Branding - Differentiating and Steering Your Career


ENTREPRENEURPLUS - Creating Multiple Companies


NONPROFITPROPHET - Waging War Against Traditional Non-Profit Thinking 


American Advertising Federation • American Marketing Association • International Newspaper Marketing Association • California Dental Association • CORE Financial Advisors • Adobe Users Group • The Art Institute International Feature Film Market • University of California Davis • Cal Poly Pomona • Drexel University • California Community Colleges  • Jesuit Preparatory  • Sonoma Business Council  •  Sacramento Fine Arts Association


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